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The MRU ANFACO-CECOPESCA FFF4P in Ruta Pesquera Magazine

The magazine Ruta Pesquera has published the “Especial Flota e Industria Atunera” (Tuna Fleet and Industry Special) in its issue No. 158 May/June 2023.

In one of its reports entitled “La Industria de Transformación Del Atún – A La Vanguardia En Innovación Digital – ANFACO-CECOPESCA” (Tuna Processing Industry – At the Forefront of Digital Innovation – ANFACO-CECOPESCA) several R+D+i projects developed in ANFACO-CECOPESCA in which digitalisation technologies are applied in response to the challenges faced by the tuna sector are presented. One of the projects described is the FFF4P MRU where hyperspectral technology has been applied to tuna samples provided by FFF4P collaborating entities, in order to study the potential of HSI and obtain predictive mathematical models of industrial interest for this product.

The magazine has promoted it on its social network on 22 May 2023. Ruta Pesquera issue 158 May/June 23